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Barry A. Dennis

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Barry Dennis Endorsements – Corporate and Personal

Barry Dennis Endorsements - Business and Personal


“After having been in Technical / Corporate world for 28 years, I have worked with and seen countless key note speakers. The truth is, I couldn’t sit through their entire presentation . They either weren’t relevant, or they were as boring as the day is long. When I sat down to hear Barry Dennis speak, I told myself ‘I’ll give it five minutes, and then I’m leaving.’ Well, I had to change my mind. I was riveted to my seat! He was funny, informative, intelligent and truly inspiring. He delivered simple solutions to complex issues in a language easy to grasp for people with a wide range of educational/training backgrounds.

Ex. VP of Technology

In my 20 years of corporate life I have attended numerous meetings and training sessions.  There have been various key note speakers at all these meetings and  when participating at corporate events, you don’t generally expect to be  truly inspired. And yet that is what I experienced from key note speaker Barry Dennis. He’s a comedian for sure and yet, at the same time, everything he said was applicable to business and everyday life. And, right when we least expected it, his personal stories deeply touched our hearts.  Yes, that is a very rare thing at a corporate event. It is my guess that all in attendance began to feel more and more like their work, their life, really mattered.  When it was over, I was not only uplifted, I wanted to hear more! If you have the chance to book Barry Dennis for your event, don’t hesitate.”

Debbie, Regional, Sales Manager, Fountain Foodservice

“Barry Dennis is easily one of the best inspirational speakers I have ever heard. He gave us very sound ideas to implement into the workplace and even into our daily lives. But more than that, I believe he was able to show everyone in the room that their work matters, that what they do is important! Truly, what more could you ask for from any key note speaker? I highly recommend Barry for your next event.”

Bill Neumann, IPC Regional Distribution Manager-Northwest

Barry Dennis sets a mood and tone that allows the audience to embrace new and fresh ideas on multiple levels.His unassuming presence is a great equalizer as he is able to captivate the audience with his Seussical storytelling that appeals to all ages.Barry was able to weave comedy, entertainment and relevant business tactics together so his hour and a half presentation was top of mind for days to follow.

I would recommend him for small business seminars as well as large corporate functions.

Maria L, HMH account director

“I had the pleasure of hearing Barry Dennis present at a recent corporate event. His message was personalized to the specific audience, and the caliber of his presentation was superb! The key messages were practical and easy to implement, and he did it all while connecting with each person in the room. His creativity had the room laughing and personally engaged throughout the afternoon. It is evident that Barry is meant for this; his passion and talent were clear from the moment he stepped onto the stage.”

Meredith Sappington, Senior Sales Executive, Coca Cola Noth America


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Richard Levy, Unity of Wilmington

Wow, what talent on so many levels. His message is what the world needs to hear!!!
He is truly one “Called by Spirit” with a message of love so brilliantly and uniquely spoken from his extraordinary loving consciousness. He speaks from his heart, and touches the hearts of his audience. He was a huge success with our group. Those who had individual coaching seesions were blown away by his insight. Their lives were instantly impacted with by his outlined plan of action.”

Rev. Ruth

“I attended the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living this morning for the first time. I loved the speaker, Rev Barry Dennis from Portland. He spoke on The Chotchky Challenge. His talk was so great that I stayed for his afternoon workshop. It was amazing. He is amazing. It was like watching a cross between Nathan Lane and Huge Jackman. His presentation was like Broadway Theater and he sang and played the piano like he was on stage at Radio City Music Hall. But the best part was I left with a happy heart feeling, a profound with God and everything in the universe and I am motivated more than ever to remove from my life everything that doesn’t feed my soul.”


Barry, Barry, Barry,

First, what an absolute joy and what great value you brought to Kanuga. Barry, first thank you so much for this valuable video series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I got the message! I am always looking for projects to get me through winter and this winter I am decluttering every drawer, every cupboard and not only my den, as I wrote, but every room in my house.

I am looking forward to your three month series and cannot wait for mid November.

I think I could be president of your fan club!! (During your 65th year of life, what interesting thing did you do? I became President of the Barry Dennis fan club!!!!!!)

Please, if you ever come back anywhere near Charlotte NC, I hope you can let me know, I would love to see & hear you & I hope Unity will have you back next year. They will never top you…


Wow, Barry Dennis! In my eleven years as a Unity minister, Barry’s keynote presentations at our Kanuga Retreat were the best, and there have been some great ones. If there is anyone who can bring our movement to the next level, Barry is quite possibly that man. He’s not afraid to speak his truth, the incredible truth. He’s funny as all get out, a superb storyteller which makes for a great medium to teach a principle. His energy is exceptional, but more so his spiritual energy and understanding are exceptional. He is musically talented and brings that to his presentations. One of Barry’s greatest strengths: he grew up in Y.O.U.  As the current president of Unity Ministers of Mid Atlantic states, I could not recommend Barry more highly to any church, region, subregion and I hope one day our national conference, where he will blow us away.

Rev. Ed Kosak, Minister, Unity of Charleston, SC

Whew!  Barry took our Unity congregation by storm!  He could easily be a member of the Met.  Barry has formidable artistic and intellectual acumen and more talent than all of those front-and-center guys on the New Age/spirituality/health circuit. How can one maximize one’s gifts and impact the world?  It’s a very individual process and Barry is giving us a lot of ideas. With respect,

Gene E

I was with you here in Bend this past weekend and I honestly can’t get enough of your lessons & teachings. It was just awesome….thank you for shining the light you were meant to shine.  You are a gift to many; myself included. Blessings Galore to you.

Lisa, Bend Oregon

You spoke at my church, CSL Seattle, a few weeks ago, and I also attended  the workshop afterwards, and I am writing to tell you that what you said/sang/communicated changed my life.  I have been on this path for many years and have been to countless workshops, seminars, read dozens of books by “enlightened” people … BUT somehow I resonated with your presentation in a way that I had not experienced before.  If you can believe it, (I find it hard to believe myself) I have listened to your message almost every night when I go to bed since that Sunday.   It was obvious, to me at least, that this was YOUR story and this kind of authenticity does not come around very often.

Thanks so much for Who you are and the message you live and carry with you.  I won’t soon, if ever, forget the impact of your message in my life.  Thank you so much. Warmly,

Fran, Seattle, Washington