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Barry A. Dennis

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Barry Dennis  Original Presentations

 Barry tailors all of his presentations to his audience and has written over 300 completely original talks.


‘The Chotchky Challenge’

This hilarious and deeply touching presentation challenges all of us to let go of all of our “stuff” from physical things to emotional baggage.


‘Authentic Power’

By analyzing many of history’s great leaders, we discover what it means to live a truly powerful, authentic life.


As always, using great stories that touch the heart, Barry shows us that our fears are almost always an illusion and on the other side of our fears is a life greater than we may have ever deemed possible.


The End of Overload

In general, we have become an overloaded society. But we have a choice. Barry shifts the audiences paradigm into seeing how to live a balanced life.



We are creative at our core. However, many of us never reach our potential. In this presentation Barry takes us to the endless reservoir of our creative potential.



Heads or Tails? Technology is a huge blessing in our modern lives however, we have become technologically addicted. This presentation helps us become users, not abusers, so that we can maximize the technological advantage of our time.



In this profound presentation, we are all brought to the liberating truth that forgiveness frees us, not the one we need to forgive.


‘Leadership That Lives

There is a way of leading that takes on a life of its own and with in a business or community. “Allowing” this leadership rather than forcing, is the wave of the future and will create a new business paradigm.


‘Living From The Soul’

Barry takes us from the surface of living into the depth and joy that comes from a “soulful” existence. Our relationships, our work and our health are all waiting for us to awaken.

What does it mean to really love? We generalize and often think “black and white.” But love is a many “splintered” thing. Complicated and varying terrain is the norm. But we can become masters of this elusive and most important thing.


‘Relationship made Strong’

There are four simple steps in romantic relationship to make it last, to make it strong. Simple? Yes. Easy? Well, not so much. But in this world of disposable relationships, we can rise to the occasion.


‘Faith Power’

Does faith make a difference? How can we tell? Barry delivers the goods with personal examples and even scientific proof! So, have a little faith.



Money is probably the most misunderstood thing in our culture today. Truly understanding money is how we become rich beyond our wildest dreams. This presentation changes everything.


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If a topic is not listed above please contact Barry.  He will work with you to create the presentation you desire.


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