The Extraordinary Health

The “Golden Key” to living an Extraordinary Life is health. When you realize putting health first makes everything else fall into place – it changes your life. 

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After over 30 years of helping people reach their potential, live their best life, I realized the “umbrella” which captures all the work that I do is to help people live, what I now call, The Extraordinary Life. A life filled with purpose, meaning, harmonious relationships, excitement, joy and health. I have been blessed to live a very Extraordinary Life myself. It doesn’t just happen, it’s something we “Will” into being. Here, I have synthesized my teachings into these “Extraordinary” programs.


Barry Is real magic

Wayne Dyer

Barry Dennis is one of the most authentic creative geniuses I know.

Alan Cohen

Barry Dennis is a soundtrack to the soul.

Marianne Williamson

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