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Barry A. Dennis

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CD Cover for A Chotchky Free Life

A Chotchky Free Life

“A Chotchky Free Life” will have you laughing and, yes, probably wiping a tear or two as we remember why it is that we came to this earth and being the joyful journey to the Soul. Come and experience the “Drunken Angel,” Alice Cooper, Wayne and Garth and Go Go, the Great Mother personified. Hold on. Let the games begin!


Cover for The Chotchky Factor

The Chotchky Factor Part 1 & 2


CD Cover for Reframe

Reframe Lesson

There is not a picture where God is not, if you don’t see God, reframe the shot!

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In this lesson we will explore how reframing our experiences our daily walk brings a whole new level of mastery to this spiritual experience called, LIFE. Learn to reframe your experiences and perceptions from what you think of as a problem to something that enriches your life. Become a master “Re” framer.


  • New Day Story — The Right Frame
  • Lesson. “Reframe”
  • Meditation
  • Lesson Summary


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CD Cover for Convocation

The Convocation

What is a Convocation?


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CD Cover for Us ... In Wonderland

Us … In Wonderland

It isn’t Alice in Wonderland, it is US in wonderland …

We live in wonderland. We are on the other side of the rainbow. The place where we wonder is wonderland. This humorous lesson asks how can we raise our wonder quotient …


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CD Cover for Do Good Don't Do Bad

Do Good … Don’t Do Bad


CD Cover for I Want To Know What Love Is

I Want to Know What Love is Lesson

Follow Barry, his family, and the soccer balls to Zimbabwe, Africa and explore what love is, and how we can experience more of it in our lives.


What is love? And what does a soccer ball have to do with it? Alot more then one might think.

There are many ways to describe why we are here as spiritual beings having a human experience. We are here to figure out what love is. To feel it, experience it, embrace it, to become love.

Meet a woman named Loveless and see how she teaches us to Love More.

  • Track 1: New Day Story — The Soccer Ball
  • Track 2: Lesson. “I Want To Know What Love Is”
  • Track 3: Meditation
  • Track 4. Lesson Summary


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CD Cover for Connect the Dots

Connect The Dots

Be the artist who draws the picture of your life …


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CD Cover for Braco, What Do You Know

Braco, What Do You Know (Charlie Sheen, What Does It Mean)


Hmmm, the lessons of life …

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CD Cover for Stay In Your Heart

Stay In Your Heart

Living Heartfully … Living Well …

Living from the Heart … Let your heart guide you. Is it just a cliche? Or was Michelangelo on to something? Listen to this entertaining and life changing lesson.


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