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The Tchotchke Song

Listen to this fun and inspirational song and begin the journey now, before the book comes out, of discovering the true treasure of your Soul. How many shampoos do you have?

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Thank You Puerta

I experienced a little slice of Heaven in at a “Spa” called Rancho LA Puerta.  I’m not a “Spa” person hence the quotation marks.  But this place is so much more then that.  The original name was “The Essene School of Life”.   For legal reasons they had to change the name but to me that is much closer to the Spirit of the place.  There is a “gardener” there.  Again, gardener doesn’t begin to capture who this person is.  He is a beacon of light name Salvador Tinier.  At a silent dinner, after meeting the gardener, the one who grew most of the food I was eating, I wrote this song.  Or, maybe I should say, it wrote me.


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Barry Dennis - One Among the ManyBarry Dennis: One Among the Many (2002)

Soulful, quirky and introspective music. This CD draws from many flavors. A singer/songwriter style that will keep you guessing. Great song writing, serious production.


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Barry Dennis - Make Me An Instrument

Barry Dennis: Make Me An Instrument (2006)

Inspirational, fun and thought-provoking music. This is spiritual rock ‘n roll, a message of love, peace, and joy that will have you laughing at one moment and thinking the next.

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Buy the CD or download the MP3 Buy the CD or download the MP3 for $15, or buy individual song titles for $.99.